Enjoying the Church Picnic!

Children's Sunday School

Waving Palms of Praise!

Adult Christian Education
We meet every Sunday at 9:30 am in the choir room. Pastor
Cynthia leads us in reading through Scripture to discover more
about the people, places, and situations in God’s Word to us.
Everyone is welcome and lesson guides are available if you are
unable to attend class. Even if you have not attended this class
before you can make this coming Sunday your first Sunday at
9:30 am Bible Study with us!

April 29 – The Book of Hebrews

Upcoming Worship Plans - 10:30 am

April 29Celebration of New Hymnals
                          Acts 8:26-40 

                          The Good News About Jesus”

May 6 – Communion

                       Acts 10:34-48
                       “Even on the Gentiles”
May 13 – Mother’s Day
                         John 17:6-19
                       “Your Word is Truth”
May 20 – Pentecost
                        Acts 2:1-12
                      “Utterly Amazed"

Upcoming Events

In the event of inclement weather please contact the church office
regarding postponements or cancellations 215-887-2544

Special Events

Regular Monthly Events

Ladies' Bible Study - 3rd Wednesday of the month at 7:30 pm in the Church Library

Choir - rehearsals are held every Tuesday at 7 pm (takes a break for the summer)

Praising God with Elkins Park Presbyterian Church

What to Expect

We are a casual group of brothers and sisters in Christ seeking to know and serve the Lord more each day.  We worship in a style that includes traditional hymns, contemporary praise music, as well as a choir.  People of all ages and backgrounds are welcome in worship. 

Who We Are

We are an inter-generational Reformed Christian congregation celebrating over 63 years of ministry! 
We love to worship, learn, serve, and fellowship together...especially when food is involved!

Children's Sunday School  

Occurs during worship after the 'Time with the Children'.  On the 1st Sunday of the month worshippers of all ages remain in the sanctuary.  Children are always welcome in worship!