Upcoming Events

In the event of inclement weather please contact the church office
regarding postponements or cancellations 215-887-2544

Special Events

Saturday, October 24th – Marian & Friends Ventriloquism Show and Lunch 10:30 am

Thursday, April 9th – Maundy Thursday Worship 7 pm
Friday, April 10th – Good Friday Worship 7 pm
Sunday, April 12th – Sunrise Outdoor Worship 6:30 am
                                             Sanctuary Worship 10:30am

Regular Monthly Events

Ladies' Bible Study - 1st Wednesday of the month at 10:15 am in the church library.

3rd Wednesday of the month at 7 pm in the Church Library .
Choir - rehearsals are held every Tuesday at 7 pm
Keenagers -  lunch meeting every fourth Tuesday at noon for retirees & special events throughout the year

Enjoying the Church Picnic!

Adult Christian Education Calendar
We gather in the church library for Bible Study every Sunday morning from 9:30-10:15 am. We are starting our study of the Book of Song of Songs on Feb. 2nd. Study guides are available for every lesson so if you miss a class you can always catchup. Newcomers are always welcome!

Who We Are

We are an inter-generational Reformed Christian congregation celebrating over 125 years of ministry! 
We love to worship, learn, serve, and fellowship together...especially when food is involved!

Family of God,
            Due to the continued restrictions on gatherings of groups of people due to current health and safety guidelines, our Session has made the decision to suspend all church programming through at least April 6th. This is a difficult decision since as a community of faith we do our best ministry when we are present with one another. The Session is meeting by teleconference weekly to make decisions about scheduling and updates. We will do our best to keep you informed and up to date on all adjustments to our ministry.

            Our church’s physical facilities continue to be closed, but our ministry continues! I will continue to have alternative worship resources available to our congregation. If you have internet access there are video and audio resources available through our Facebook page, church website, and YouTube channel. We continue to worship together on Sundays at 10:30 am through virtual connections rather than sharing the same physical space in our sanctuary.

            Please continue to stay in contact with one another. Call your church family, send notes, use modern technology for video calls so you can see one another while still keeping your physical distance. This has been a major adjustment for all of us. Our entire community is affected. Without putting yourself at risk, please check on those most vulnerable, like the elderly, the homebound, and those who are already immuno-compromised.

            As recommendations may change from health officials, we will make adjustments to our schedule and plans. We will inform you in multiple ways via Facebook, phone, email, texts, and postal mail. Our Session and church staff will do our best to keep everyone up to date. Please reach out if you have any questions.

            If you are facing financial stress due to absence from your workplace, please reach out to me for a discussion about possible emergency assistance. To honor your stewardship commitments, if you are able, please continue to mail in financial contributions to our ministry. We continue to pay our staff who are now all working from home. The Session and I will continue to be prayerful in our discernment about when to reopen the church and return to our normal life together. Please honor the instructions given to us by health officials to reduce the spread of the virus thereby reducing the length of time we will need to remain apart.

            Please pray for one another. Stay in touch. Share the Good News of healing found in our Lord Jesus Christ.

In the name of Christ,
Rev. Cynthia Betz-Bogoly

Waving Palms of Praise!

What to Expect

We are a group of brothers and sisters in Christ seeking to know and serve the Lord more each day.  We worship in a style that includes traditional hymns, contemporary praise music, as well as a choir.  People of all ages and backgrounds are welcome in worship. 

Children's Sunday School  

Sunday School for children and youth is held every Sunday at 10:45 am  Children of all ages are always welcome in worship. On the 1st Sunday of each month our Sunday School program is called “Time with Tots” and is intended for those in kindergarten and younger. Coloring books, worship leaflets, and crayons are available from the greeters.  If you would like to volunteer to teach occasionally please contact Pastor Cynthia or Janet Lewandowski.

Praising God with Elkins Park Presbyterian Church

MARK YOUR CALENDARS - Kid’s Club schedule for 2019-20:

POST PONED– Marian & Friends Ventriloquist Show and luncheon

 May 16 – Local nature hike

 June 14 - Summer kick-off party

Children's Sunday School

Upcoming Worship Plans - 10:30 am