2021 Ruling Elders on Session:
Chuck Herrmann
Jean Hoffman
Jenny Lewandowski
Wayne Morrell
Ani Raj
Karen Sheehan
Gary Tilford
Betsy Ulmer
Linda Acker - Clerk
Rev. Cynthia Betz-Bogoly - Moderator

Rev. Cynthia Betz-Bogoly, a graduate of Princeton Theological Seminary, was ordained in 2008.  She has served as the Pastor of EPPC since November of 2013.  Prior to arriving in Elkins Park Pastor Cynthia served as the solo pastor of a congregation in Phillipsburg, NJ, then as chaplain of Bloomfield College, and most recently as an associate pastor in Summit, NJ.  Pastor Cynthia is a life-long Presbyterian, a wife, a mother, an EMT, and she has a passion for Christian Camp & Conference ministry.

Terry Malizia, administrative assistant
Therese Korman, music director
Dave Clayton, sexton
Rev. Cynthia Betz-Bogoly, pastor
Rev. Martha Bowman, parish associate
Jack Hubbell, media consultant

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Elkins Park Presbyterian Church

Our congregation is guided by our Pastor, Rev. Cynthia Betz-Bogoly,
in partnership with the elected Ruling Elders supported by open input, visioning, prayer,
and discernment with the entire congregation under the ultimate guidance of the Holy Spirit.